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The first task was the anti slip aspect. Our Safety Grip™ range would have been the easy option, but we needed a solution that was not only grip-enhancing, but was comfortable to the user, meaning that at the time, a new anti slip material was required. Plastic is a material that can be manipulated into either a hard or soft finish, we chose the latter to ensure a rubber like finish, and added a dimpled effect to increase grip and give it an attractive finish. One of the additional benefits of plastic is that it makes a great insulator, in this case preventing the cold of the metal it would be applied to from travelling to the hands of the user.

To boost this we added a base of PET ( polyethylene terephthalate ). The reason we chose PET is because it is an excellent barrier material, and would boost the chances of reducing the handrail tape being cold to the touch.

The non abrasive finish of Heskins handrail tape ensures that it is comfortable for the user and is easy to clean, ensuring there is no build up of dirt or bacteria for long lengths of time. It’s inability to retain water ensures that surface freezing is not possible, helping to comply with regulations.

Handrail Grip Tape Application Variation

For application, ensure the surface you are applying to is clean, dry and free from any grit or residue. There are various ways in which you can apply handrail grip tape. Here are a few suggestons below.

heskins hand rail grip tape

Horizontal application

This will use when strip of handrail grip tape, applied length ways along a railing and then wrapped around to join neatly around the railing. This application method is particularly suitable for long railings that have little to no support bars joinin them through the middle.

tight wrapped handrail grip tapeTight Spiral Application

This application requires no pre-cutting a length of material, and although a little more complex, it ensures great coverage. It also allows more complex railings to be covered without having to stop and cut pieces. When done correctly it can be an effective time saver.

spaced spiral hand rail grip tapeSpaced Spiral Application

Spaced spiral application is a more cost effective application, as you can still achieve an efficient, grippable surface while making the material go further. This is only recommended for internal areas, as some of the bare railing will still be visible.

Our Video "How to Apply Handrail Grip Tape" will show you every step to ensure a strong and long lasting application!

Regulations and Certifications

Below is a table denoting what regulations handrail grip tape meets and what certs, if any, are available.

Certifications and Regulations Regulation Met?/Cert Available?
OSHA 29CFR part 1910.23 Check mark symbol
CoF Standards for Americans with Disabilities Act 2008 Check mark symbol
NFSI Certification

Handrail grip tape is available in rolls, sheets or die cuts in black for immediate dispatch. For those wanting a custom option, dependent on order quantity we can supply you with handrail tape is any size, shape or color.


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