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Albatross Ink-X
Ink-X is a powerful aerosol spray which dissolves all types of ink stains...ballpoint ink, stamp-pad..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Albatross S.P.I.F. ll Cured Ink Remover
S.P.I.F. II is a unique cured ink remover which does not contain any methylene chloride, perchloroet..
Ex Tax: $66.37
Candle Wax Remover
The only product of its kind! Expertly formulated to remove tough, solidified wax dripping from all ..
Ex Tax: $331.44
Coffee Remover
Albatross Coffee Remover is a powerful, non-flammable cleaner which removes coffee, tea, soft-drinks..
Ex Tax: $359.40
Cosmetic Stain Remover
EverBlum Cosmetic Stain Remover is the only product specially formulated to remove lipstick, mascara..
Ex Tax: $12.91
Dry Cleaner
AlbaChem DRY CLEANER Removes Oil, Grease, Ink, Cosmetics,Adhesives,Tar and more. Use on Clothing, Ca..
Ex Tax: $107.40
EverBlum Cleaning fluid
The best-kept household secret for expert cleaning of all fine fabrics. EverBlum is now packaged in ..
Ex Tax: $13.55
EverBlum Eco-Spot
ECO-SPOT completely removes cured plastisol inks, oil and grease stains from textiles. Very low VOC'..
Ex Tax: $29.95
EverBlum Gold
EverBlum Gold Cleaning Fluid is a unique, fast-drying, non-flammable cleaning fluid. It has a very l..
Ex Tax: $69.82
EverBlum NPE II Cleaning Fluid
INTRODUCTION N.P.E. II is a new cleaning solvent blend for use in spot cleaning of all textiles. The..
Ex Tax: $12.35
EVerBlum Spray-A-Spot Specila
EverBlum Special is a blend of the traditional chlorinated solvents (methylene chloride and perchlor..
Ex Tax: $54.44
Expert Ink Remover
Expert Ink Remover instantly removes ballpoint ink from all fabrics. The fast-acting liquid penetrat..
Ex Tax: $239.40
Expert Premium 303 Screen Print Ink Remover
Premium 303 is the most powerful cured ink remover manufactured. It is made for all screen print app..
Ex Tax: $50.54
Expert Rust Remover
ALBA-RUST effectively removes all rust and metal stains from cotton, wool, synthetics, blends and ca..
Ex Tax: $217.80
Expert Scorch Remover
Expert Scorch Remover instantly removes scorch and light burn marks form clothing. Packaged in a pum..
Ex Tax: $16.65
Expert Super EX
Super-EX is the best cleaner for removing stains on mattresses, upholstery, furniture and clothing. ..
Ex Tax: $64.53
Expert WorldWide SK
Expert Worldwide SK removes difficult stains that occur in the manufacturing and processing of texti..
Ex Tax: $43.15
Formula B.R.
Formula B.R. is a highly concentrated non-flammable formula which effectively eradicates blood stain..
Ex Tax: $24.99
Formula LR
Formula L.R. removes ballpoint ink, dye, lipstick, tar, heavy oil and grease stains. It is a highly ..
Ex Tax: $31.45
Powder Spot Remover
Albatross Powder Spot Remover is a highly absorbent white powder spray which actually lifts the spot..
Ex Tax: $99.48
Powdered Dry Cleaning Fluid
AlbaChem PSR Powdered Dry Cleaning Fluid is exclusively for use on Dry Clean Only or S-coded fabric ..
Ex Tax: $99.48
Soap Stick
Soap Sticks are used to dissolve water soluble stains from all textiles. Green Soap Sticks are used ..
Ex Tax: $13.99
Spot Lifter II
Ex Tax: $85.80
SuperKleen 100
THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR EXPORT. SuperKleen 100 is an economically priced oil and grease r..
Ex Tax: $28.62
SuperKleen 580C
Superkleen 580c is a non-hazardous spot remover which utilizes the natural power of citrus. It is a ..
Ex Tax: $48.49
SuperKleen S.P.I.F.
S.P.I.F. completely removes cured plastisol inks, most water-based inks, flock lettering and adhesiv..
Ex Tax: $50.54
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