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UltraFloor DEFENDER focuses on grease / food waste accumulating on the floor, in grout and cracks, around the drains, under equipment, and hard-to-reach areas. Decaying waste on the floor can quickly become odorous, which attracts fruit flies, roaches, and other disease-spreading parasites.

  • UltraFloor DEFENDER is a proprietary blend of surface active agents, including active bacteria to break down the toughest grease, fatty acids, and soil.
  • UltraFloor DEFENDER (with regular use) reduces slippery floors and grease build-up, while maintaining an odor-free and deep cleaned floor.
  • UltraFloor DEFENDER keeps working long after the floor mop is put away on both the floor and mop head.
  • UltraFloor DEFENDER will also help remove fruit flies by digesting our strain of active bacteria as it goes to work in your floor drains as well.
  • Product Features

    • Designed for floor and grout
    • Cuts grease build-up, fatty acids and dirt
    • Proprietary blend of surfactant agents, including active bacteria
    • Reduces slippery floors
    • Twice the fighting action when you rinse down the drain with our proprietary disc

    DirectionsFloor Drain Cleaner Testimonial

    • We recommend starting with the 10x concentrate for initial cleaning, then use the 5x concentrate to maintain clean floors
    • Use 2-3 Oz. of UltraFloor DEFENDER per 2 gallon mop bucket of water.
    • Mop entire floor and push excess down the drain.
    • For tougher stains, apply 3-4 oz. directly to floor and use broom or brush to clean surface.

    INGREDIENTS: Water, Surfactant, Bacteria Cultures

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