Premium High Speed Burnishing Pads 1 Inch Thick

Premium High Speed Burnishing Pads 1 Inch Thick
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  • JAGUAR floor pad. A high speed floor pad with a lighter blend of natural and synthetic fiber than Gorilla for more frequent use with highly responsive finishes.


  • AQUA PLUS floor pad. This floor pad is designed to produce a very brilliant wet look shine with medium-soft finishes. Aqua PLUS floor pad can be used under electric, battery or propane floor machines with ultra high speeds of 1500 to 3000 rpm. It is made from durable high-tech resins, fibers, plus a light mix of natural fiber.


  • GORILLA Lite floor pad. The lightest blend of natural fibers in a synthetic fiber floor pad for those who use a soft finish that requires nightly burnishing. This floor pad is designed to give you the same high gloss wet look shine that big brother Gorilla floor pad is known for.


  • Superspeed Rubberized floor pad. A totally synthetic, non-aggressive floor pad designed for burnishing and polishing with a high speed or ultra high speed floor machine. The rubberized coating creates friction needed to repair softer finishes. The Superspeed Rubberized floor pad will create a high gloss shine.


  • The CURE supersoft floor pad. A fine synthetic fiber, non-aggressive floor pad designed to solve problems. Use this pad on freshly laid floor finish as soon as you are able to walk on it to help cure the finish between recoats. Also for uneven floors that tend to burn while burnishing. This super soft pad doesn't pull up finish and is strong enough for propane, cord electric or battery machines.


  • The BLUE ACE burnishing pad is the newest addition to our almost 30 years of making the finest floor pads in the industry. With this pad, we created a very soft, dense burnishing pad of fine synthetic fibers to deal with some of the newest finishes on the market.Blue ACE is designed for frequent burnishing with battery, electric or propane machines 1000rpm and above.


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