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Smaller Footprint – Completely Adjustable – Beautifully-Styled Proven dependable, the AIR-SCENT® ..
Ex Tax: $65.00
Alps Breeze Discs
DISCONTINUED PRODUCT Specially designed fan air freshener refills to fit proprietary dispensers a..
Ex Tax: $106.80
Each unit uses a 450ml aroma bottle. To install the fragrance bottle, remove the cap insert the bot..
Ex Tax: $1,400.00
Creates a Signature Ambiance! AROMABEAM Directional Fragrance Appliance Add the Right Scent, Right..
Ex Tax: $360.00
Aromas Scents
All of Air Essentials aromas comply with the highest level of safety and regulatory compliance. Air ..
Ex Tax: $16.00
Each Unit uses an 8 oz. aroma bottle and includes 1 Quick Change Atomizer Attachment! Makes changin..
Ex Tax: $400.00
Auto D.O.C.
Auto D.O.C. simply attaches to a 55 gallon drum of odor neutralizer. The liquid is siphoned through ..
Ex Tax: $595.00
Bowl Rite
Bowl Rite is the perfect solution for effective cleaning and deodorizing of toilets and urinals. ..
Ex Tax: $17.18
DecoRoma  Dispenser
What are DecoRoma Dispensers? Stylish and designed for the most discerning customers, these b..
Ex Tax: $170.00
Flylights UV Lure Traps
NON-ZAPPING UV Lure Traps work with replaceable glue trap, tray concealed on top of light 1. SCONCE..
Ex Tax: $103.95
Fresh 24 Odor Neutralizer
FRESH 24 is the perfect choice for effective odor control in lodging and health care facilities. Unl..
Ex Tax: $39.99
Self-Locking Air Freshener Straps For Commercial Restroom Odor Control Our new patent-pending, wa..
Ex Tax: $3.75
Garbo Fresh
The automatic flow of Garbo-Fresh (Odor Control Concentrate) provides constant odor control protecti..
Ex Tax: $85.62
Genuine End Smoke
This non-aerosol contact spray instantly neutralizes residual lingering smoke odors in ashtrays, was..
Ex Tax: $16.57
Glue Board Refills
Glue Board Trap Refills will fit the following units...
Ex Tax: $25.00
Maxi Strength Liquid Air Freshener
MAXI Strength Liquid Air Freshener. 4.5 Ounce Wick Can, Quarts, Gallons, Drums MOST POPULAR ST..
Ex Tax: $2.15
Metered Mist Aerosol Refills
Metered Mist 30-Day Aerosol Refills Larger 7 oz. fill! Higher fragrance load! Metered Mist, featuri..
Ex Tax: $97.00
Millennium Fan Air FresheneDispenser
Millenium™ Fan Air Freshener Dispenser The Millenium™ battery dispenser is designed to accommodat..
Ex Tax: $30.00
Odyssey Dispenser
Odyssey Air Freshener Dispensers The Industry’s Best Performing Dispenser! Professional ..
Ex Tax: $13.00
Power 24 Odor Neutralizer
Use POWER 24 on surfaces to instantly eliminate malodors. Exclusive microencapsulation process seals..
Ex Tax: $217.50
Rug Aroma Carpet Odor Neutralizer
DISCONTINUED PRODUCT Rug Aroma is three times stronger than other commercial or retail brands. Ru..
Ex Tax: $0.00
RuMate Passive Air Freshener Dispenser
Decorative & Discreet Air Freshener Dispenser Packed 10 per case This compact, but sturdy ..
Ex Tax: $120.00
Solid Square Wafers
 Air-Scent® Solid Squair™ wafers. Now you will be able to order up to 8 fragrances per case.&nb..
Ex Tax: $290.00
Ultra Deo-Base
Make Your Own Name Brand Deodorant CONCENTRATES at a Fraction of the Cost! Five Gallons of Ultra..
Ex Tax: $113.00
Ultra Standard Dispenser
Ultra Standard Classic Series 1. Battery DC fan dispenser fits virtually all Air-Scent battery r..
Ex Tax: $12.00
Water-Sol Deodorant Concentrate
WaterSol is the perfect broad spectrum water soluble deodorant concentrate. Highly dilutable for use..
Ex Tax: $120.70
Wizzard Urinal Screens
Features and Advantage Economical/Effective/Attractive: translucent tinted color designed to re..
Ex Tax: $3.12
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