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Air Dryer Attachment
Trigger mechanism for compressed air. Allows for 1 hand operation cleaning and drying. Dries fabric ..
Ex Tax: $171.92
Alba 925 Water Soluble Knitting Machine Oil
Alba 925 Water Soluble Oil is a highly refined, narrow-cut, non-detergent mineral oil which is emuls..
Ex Tax: $36.83
ALBA Brush Tack Pallet Adhesive
A water-based pallet adhesive specifically designed for brush-on application only. Albatross Brush-T..
Ex Tax: $17.23
Alba Foam Grip-Clear
ALBA FOAM GRIP Super strong tack Grabs fast and dries quickly. Repositionable. No chlorinated solv..
Ex Tax: $29.65
Alba-5 Embroidery Lubricant
AlbaChem ALBA-5 LUBRICANT Precision Metered Oil Release Will not drip or run 100% Clear Lubricati..
Ex Tax: $90.12
Alba-Grip Siphon Gun
ALBA GRIP ADHESIVE SPRAY GUN Operates on compressed air. Large Capacity Plastic Container Easy Cl..
Ex Tax: $79.00
Alba-Lite Wash Out Booth
The Alba-Lite has the same features as our standard washout booths but is made of 1/4 inch white pol..
Ex Tax: $1,722.60
Alba-Mini Wash Out Booth
Special Economical Wash Out Booth Complete Polyethylene Construction Ships by UPS in one Carton Fast..
Ex Tax: $1,062.72
Albatross Ink-X
Ink-X is a powerful aerosol spray which dissolves all types of ink stains...ballpoint ink, stamp-pad..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Albatross S.P.I.F. ll Cured Ink Remover
S.P.I.F. II is a unique cured ink remover which does not contain any methylene chloride, perchloroet..
Ex Tax: $66.37
APS Bulk Adhesive Applicator
ALBATROSS APS BULK ADHESIVE ADAPTER The Albatross APS (Adhesive Application System) Bulk Adhesive Ap..
Ex Tax: $1,395.00
Albatross Bioprep Mesh Preparation Degreaser A non-flammable, non-hazardous, low V.O.C., biodegrada..
Ex Tax: $20.36
Block Out Spreader
144 Per Case ..
Ex Tax: $313.92
Fast-drying, Solvent-resistant barrier for use with Plastisol, U.V. and solvent-based inks. Albatros..
Ex Tax: $27.70
Candle Wax Remover
The only product of its kind! Expertly formulated to remove tough, solidified wax dripping from all ..
Ex Tax: $358.80
CDS Diaph. Pumping System
Albatross CDS Pumping System is a triple pump system for high volume screen printers. The CDS System..
Ex Tax: $3,075.61
Charcoal In Line Filter
The Charcoal In-Line Filter is the ideal way to absorb organic solvent vapors when using the HydroSo..
Ex Tax: $895.00
Clear Screen
Instantly opens clogged screens while still on press. Dissolves all types of inks, fresh or old. Gre..
Ex Tax: $73.20
A tropical creamy sun drenched scent. A rich milky coconut blend with warmth and comfort...
Ex Tax: $16.00
Coffee Remover
Albatross Coffee Remover is a powerful, non-flammable cleaner which removes coffee, tea, soft-drinks..
Ex Tax: $351.00
Con-ER-Stencil Remover
Albatross Con-ER Stencil Removing Concentrate Highly concentrated liquid emulsion remover. Easy to d..
Ex Tax: $75.11
Cosmetic Stain Remover
EverBlum Cosmetic Stain Remover is the only product specially formulated to remove lipstick, mascara..
Ex Tax: $13.95
Crystal Clear Sewing Machine Oil ISO-32
ALBATROSS CRYSTAL CLEAR SEWING MACHINE OIL (Iso-32) Albatross Crystal Clear is a water white mineral..
Ex Tax: $28.31
Cutting Machine Oil ISO-68
ALBATROSS CUTTING MACHINE OIL (Iso-68) A hydrotreated paraffinic oil that has been specially formula..
Ex Tax: $144.72
D-Grade - Biodegradable Screen Wash
Albatross D-Grade Ink Degradent Specially formulated to remove plastisol ink from both water resist..
Ex Tax: $37.91
Dip Tanks
The New Albatross DP Series of Screen Dip Tanks make cleaning your screens a breeze. When used with ..
Ex Tax: $679.86
Dri-Web Foam Adhesive
AlbaChem DRI-WEB FOAM ADHESIVE Ideal for all foam bonding applications. Instant Grab Repositionab..
Ex Tax: $85.44
Dri-Web Orange Foam Adhesive
AlbaChem ORANGE DRI WEB FOAM ADHESIVE Orange Tint to show where product has been sprayed. Ideal for..
Ex Tax: $88.32
Dry Silicone
AlbaChem DRY SILICONE Long Lasting Lubrication Does Not Attract Dust and Direct Guaranteed Not to..
Ex Tax: $63.00
Embroidery Adhesive
Use for machine appliqué, quilting and embroidery. Great for basting quilt layers in preparation for..
Ex Tax: $84.36
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