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Barracuda Wet Mop
Blue,Green,Orange,Red,White -Color Headband - Barracuda-Blended Yarn 
A blend of cotton and rayon fo..
Ex Tax: $51.23
Biggy Refills
No. 911 ETC Black 
For heavy-duty jobs. No. 922 ETC Red
For medium-duty jobs. No. 9..
Ex Tax: $32.86
Biggy Scrubbers
No. 91etc Black 3 3/4 x 7 1/4x 1".
A heavy-duty pad with a handle to keep your hands out of the m..
Ex Tax: $32.86
Black Stripping Floor Pad
A very aggressive stripping pad. It is designed to be used to wet strip a floor. High quality abrasi..
Ex Tax: $33.47
Blue Cleaner Pad Medium Abriasive
A medium abrasive floor pad for spray cleaning. To clean a lightly soiled floor, use this pad with a..
Ex Tax: $33.47
Boss Hawg-Wet Strip/Dry Strip
Boss Hawg is the super stripping pad for completing your natural fiber system of floor maintenance. ..
Ex Tax: $33.47
Brown Stripping Pad floor Pad
An aggressive floor pad designed for dry stripping floor finish. Its fibers, throughout the pad, are..
Ex Tax: $33.47
Dust Mop Handles
Spring clamp on a swivel head with nylon lock for the swivel. Overall length: 1 inch Dia x 58 inches..
Ex Tax: $73.00
Dust Mop StarDust - Color
A great value in an economical dust mop constructed of a synthetic and cotton blend. The STARDUST co..
Ex Tax: $80.57
Dust Mop Wire Frame
Dust Mop Wire Frame   ..
Ex Tax: $50.74
ETC NO. 64 Scrub Aid Kit
No. 64etc Scrub Aid Kit This Scrub Aid Kit contains- 1 Holder, 1 Brown & 1 White Pad. Pad..
Ex Tax: $55.70
ETC NO. 86 Green Extra Heavy Duty Nylon Hand Pad
No. 86etc Dark Green 6" x 9" x 3/8". This pad is for heavy-duty cleaning jobs. The fibers are arrang..
Ex Tax: $44.00
ETC NO. 88 Blue Pot & Pan Pad
No. 88etc Pot & Pan Pad 3 1/2" x 5" x 1".
A thick, blue, hand size pad with scouring action for ..
Ex Tax: $30.15
ETC NO. 96  Green General Purpose Hand Pads
No. 96etc Green 6" x 9" x 1/4".
The general purpose medium-duty hand pad. It has abrasive strength f..
Ex Tax: $38.15
ETC NO. 97 Black Heavy Duty  Hand Pads
A Heavy Duty CLeaning Pad For Tough Cleaning Jobs That Call For Extra Abrasive Action 10 pads per..
Ex Tax: $38.15
ETC NO. 98 White Non Abrasive Pad
This Pad Has No Added Abrasive And Is Excellent For Use With A Little Liquid Detergent to Safely Cle..
Ex Tax: $38.15
GatorBack Soles Refill
Gator Back Soles Refills for GarorBack Shoes 3 PAIR PER CASE ..
Ex Tax: $29.78
GatorBack Stripping Shoes
Waterproof overshoes designed to reduce the risk of slipping when stripping floors (use as kick pads..
Ex Tax: $45.40
Gorilla Spray Buff/Polish/Burnish Pad
The Original Blended Natural Fiber Floor Pad... that gives a wet-look shine. Gorilla floor pad is m..
Ex Tax: $33.47
Green Scrub Floor Pad Medium Abrasion
A Medium Abrasive floor pad for wet scrubbing. This pad will remove embedded soil and black marks fo..
Ex Tax: $33.47
KingFish Wet Mop
Blue,Green,Orange,Red,White - Headband Colors -  Best Rayon Yarn Made from tightly twis..
Ex Tax: $52.59
KNOCKOUT Disposable Dust Mop
Our disposable dust mop system combines a specially constructed disposable dust mop with a foaming a..
Ex Tax: $68.19
Metal Case HammerHead - Best Cotton
Hammerhead Metal Case  Our  tough metal construction that clamps the mop strands together..
Ex Tax: $56.39
Metal Case HammerHead - Good Cotton
Hammerhead Metal Case  Our  tough metal construction that clamps the mop strands together..
Ex Tax: $54.48
Metal Case HammerHead - Rayon Blend
Hammerhead Metal Case  Our  tough metal construction that clamps the mop strands together..
Ex Tax: $59.12
Metal Case HammerHead Heather Yarn
Heather Yarn Our tough metal construction clamps the mop strand together so there is no yarn slip..
Ex Tax: $61.37
Monster-Spray  Clean / Light Abrasion
Monster floor pad is designed with natural abrasive action to clean black marks and soil. The top la..
Ex Tax: $33.47
Mop handle Clampit
Quick change design for use with wide headband. Available with Wood or Plastic handle.  6 Pe..
Ex Tax: $66.00
Mop Handle Flipper
A high impact plastic mop handle that opens easily with a hinged release, allowing slip through load..
Ex Tax: $66.00
Mop Handle Jaws II
A high impact plastic mop handle that clamps down on wide head bands with a twist of the locking col..
Ex Tax: $70.50
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