Digest Plus Enzyme Producing

Digest Plus Enzyme Producing
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DIGEST PLUS is a concentrated blend of four living aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. These four strains of enzyme producing bacteria were specially selected and adapted for their ability to produce large amounts of amylase, protease, cellulase and lipase enzymes, important in degrading common sanitary wastes. This product can be used successfully in drains, grease traps and septic tanks to degrade wastes and reduce odors. This product can also be used after treatment with sulfuric acid drain openers to prevent future clogging and residual hydrogen sulfide odors. Excellent to use where uric acid (odor of urine) is a problem. Will actually eradicate odors. Note: Product performs best within a pH range of 5.5-8.5 and a temperature range of 50-100° F.

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