Spot Cleaning Guns

Spot Cleaning Guns
GS-5000 Cleaning Gun
Expert 1000 Cleaning Gun
Expert 3000 PSI Gun
Expert QD-3500 Quick Dry
Suction Tube for Direct Drum Use
Air Dryer Attachment
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Air Dryer Attachment
Trigger mechanism for compressed air. Allows for 1 hand operation cleaning and drying. Dries fabric ..
Ex Tax: $171.92
Expert 1000 Cleaning Gun
A high quality, inexpensive spotting gun, for budget minded customers and for promotional use. All m..
Ex Tax: $83.35
Expert 3000 PSI Gun
The Expert SP-3000 is a high quality spot cleaning gun at a low price. It is perfect for T-shirt sh..
$181.45 $119.00
Ex Tax: $119.00
Expert QD-3500 Quick Dry
New cleaning gun combines the features of the Expert 3000 PSI Cleaning Gun with a built in quick dry..
Ex Tax: $199.40
Gun reel
Suspends gun over the cleaning surface for safer handling and faster operation. Tough steel case and..
Ex Tax: $139.39
The Krea Swiss Tex-25 (Albatross SG5000) is the most powerful spot cleaning gun manufactured. I..
Ex Tax: $442.50
Suction Tube Extenension
Draws cleaning fluid directly from 1 gallon containers, 5 gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums. ..
Ex Tax: $171.92
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