Spot Cleaning Stations

Spot Cleaning Stations
Charcoal In Line Filter
Hydro Solv Jr. Cleaning Station
SuperKleen Venta-2 Extractor
SuperKleen Venta-T Extractor
SuperKleen Venta T.G.A. Cleaning Station
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Alba STEAM System
FEATURES • .66 gallon, 2.5 L water capacity • 1000W heating element • Low water light indicator • Re..
Ex Tax: $1,049.73
Charcoal In Line Filter
The Charcoal In-Line Filter is the ideal way to absorb organic solvent vapors when using the HydroSo..
Ex Tax: $944.23
HydroSolv Jr. Cleaning Station
The HydroSolv Jr. is a complete cleaning machine designed to remove all types of stains from virtual..
Ex Tax: $2,843.23
SuperKleen Venta TM-Extractor
All Superkleen Venta Systems provide strong vacuum suction to exhaust solvent fumes. The b..
Ex Tax: $1,049.73
SuperKleen Venta-2M Cleaning Station
Complete spot cleaning station in 2 square feet of space. Super strong vacuum removes fumes and..
Ex Tax: $1,471.73
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