Anchors, swivel Base, Beamguard, Skyhook

Anchors, swivel Base, Beamguard, Skyhook
As the original inventors of the Beamer Beam Anchor design,Skyhook, and CB Anchor design, Guardian has carved a solid reputation as the nation's leader in anchor point solutions. With over 80 different anchor variations to choose from, we are confident that you will find what you need from our product line. If you do not find something to suit your application, Guardian has the ability to design, engineer, and fabricate custom anchor points and flashings.
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Fits 3.5 - 14 inch beams Weather-resistant Reusable Ratcheting end piece Lightweight Slides eas..
Ex Tax: $201.80
Mounts to any beam or girder with top flange over 4 inch and up to 3 3/8 inch thick Use anchor as pe..
Ex Tax: $438.10
Bolt Hole Anchor
Reusable 5000lb anchor point Can incorporate a horizontal lifeline system Easy to install May be use..
Ex Tax: $146.10
CB Swivel Top System
Mounts on top of the CB 12 Easy installation Swivels 360 degrees Removable and reusable bolt appli..
Ex Tax: $193.60
CB-1-B Permanent or temporary anchor Fasteners provided for wood For use on wood, steel or concrete..
Ex Tax: $88.30
CB-12 & 18 Universal  Base Plate
Universal base plate Durable galvanized finish Fasteners provided for wood & steel For use on wood, ..
Ex Tax: $261.90
Concrete Anchor
Designed for use in cured concrete with a compression strength of at least 3000 psi Reusable Install..
Ex Tax: $97.40
Designed for use with heavy-duty shock absorbing lanyards Lightweight and portable Durable/Weatherpr..
Ex Tax: $230.80
Ridge-It Anchor
For permanent use on wood rooftops Meets standards for fall arrest Permanent application Discreet de..
Ex Tax: $26.20
Screw-Down Metal Roof Anchor
Designed for use with retractable life lines 10 x 12 inch Base plate with 7 1/2 inch post Reusable ..
Ex Tax: $175.80
Skyhook Roof Anchor
Permanent anchor point for Wood; 3/4 cdx plywood or better, metal; 20 gauge or thicker, or concrete;..
Ex Tax: $67.90
Snappy Anchor
Fits any pitch Convenient and disposable Easy to install by nailing into the truss Fasteners provide..
Ex Tax: $45.70
Stainless Steel Reusable Anchor
For temporary use on wood rooftops Fits any roof pitch Meets standards for fall arrest Stainless ste..
Ex Tax: $14.00
Temper Reusable Anchor
Meets standards for fall arrest Durable Zinc Chromate finish Reusable Cost effective Can be installe..
Ex Tax: $35.20
Trus-T Roof Anchor
Fits any pitch Permanent or disposable Weather-resistant Easy to install by bending Trus-T over the ..
Ex Tax: $226.20
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