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Guardian connectors are available in a variety of different styles and lengths and include many different hook options to suit all of your needs. Single or double leg applications are available in almost every style and most lanyards are offered with a loop end option. You will also find a variety of cross arm straps and anchorage slings included in the connectors section
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Adjustable Lanyard
Ideal for positioning and restraint situations Quickly adjusts from 4 feet to 6 feet Available with ..
Ex Tax: $27.80
Galvanized steel 5/16 Äù wire Cable Anchorage Slings are used by looping around a beam or anchorage ..
Ex Tax: $16.10
Cable Lanyard
For use during welding or applications with abrasive edges. Vinyl coated for additional protection. ..
Ex Tax: $60.40
Concrete Anchor Straps
This Concrete Anchor Strap is sheathed in heavy duty nylon webbing to protect the inner core webbing..
Ex Tax: $6.99
Extension Lanyard
Extension Lanyards are attached to the harness before use to lower the lanyard attachment point to w..
Ex Tax: $27.60
Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Lanyard
These lanyards are specially designed to withstand additional free-fall distance. ..
Ex Tax: $48.30
Internal Shock Lanyard
The Internal Shock Lanyard is made with a heavy duty outer polyester webbing and a polyester core sp..
Ex Tax: $32.00
Loop Lanyard
Lightweight Loop eliminates hazard of attaching 2 snap hooks to dorsal D-ring Webbing is light and d..
Ex Tax: $19.20
Non-Shock Absobing Lanyard
For positioning and restraint only Durable Nylon Allows workers to attach to an anchorage point or s..
Ex Tax: $23.50
Premium Cross Arm Strap
The Premium Cross Arm Straps are twice as durable with dual enforced webbing and heavy duty stitchin..
Ex Tax: $23.30
Rebar Positioning Lanyard
Rebar Positioning Devices allow workers to lean away from walls while keeping their hands free. Must..
Ex Tax: $61.70
Rope Lanyard
Heavy duty 5/8 poly rope Resists cuts and abrasions Attached self-locking crabiners each end Cust..
Ex Tax: $42.30
Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Nylon webbing is light and durable Clear shock absorber pack for easy inspection Easy to use self do..
Ex Tax: $44.80
Stretch Lanyard
Our traditional stretch lanyards help reduce trip hazards by stretching from 4 1/2/ft to 6/ft. The s..
Ex Tax: $52.10
Tie-Back Lanyard
Tie-Back Lanyards eliminate the need for a separate anchorage connector. The adjustable tie-back poi..
Ex Tax: $47.60
Our new stretch lanyards help reduce trip hazards by stretching from 4 1/2 ft. to 6 ft. The stretch ..
Ex Tax: $58.60
Triple Lock Wrap Lanyard
A triple locking action carabiner makes this anchorage connector one of the the safest of its kind o..
Ex Tax: $62.50
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