Lifeline Systems, Anchor, Rope, Cable

Lifeline Systems, Anchor, Rope, Cable
Guardian offers a variety of vertical and horizontal rope and cable systems as well as rope and cable grabs. Vertical lifeline rope assemblies are most commonly used in residential applications where horizontal rope and cable lifeline assemblies are commonly seen in commercial applications.
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Hold Me Anchor
Convenient lifeline connection point that's safer than tying a knot Reusable lightweight aluminum Ea..
Ex Tax: $49.00
Horizontal Cable Lifeline System
3/8 inch diameter cable Maintains and controls desired tension Permits adjustments substantially red..
Ex Tax: $805.00
Horizontal Rope Lifeline System
100 feet of 5/8 inch polyester rope Rope tensioner Includes two anchorage web slings 2 self locking ..
Ex Tax: $398.00
Rope & Cable Grabs
Removable rope grabs are easy to install Fits 5/8 or 5/16 inch safety ropes Lock automatically when ..
Ex Tax: $112.00
Rope Lifeline Systems
Heavy duty 5/8 inch poly rope Resists cuts and abrasions Attached self locking carabiner Custom rope..
Ex Tax: $134.50
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