MasterSweep 696

MasterSweep 696
MasterSweep 696
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Further compelling advantages of the MASTERSWEEP 696 are:
Brush drive with stable, smooth-running gear mechanism without using sensitive drive belts.
The sophisticated air duct system with dust filters and sealing lips enables dust-free sweeping.
Able to function as a manual sweeping machine in the case of a discharged battery.
Overhead filling of the container for double the capacity.
All kind of materials such as sand, leaves, stones, cans... can be whisked into the machine.
Optimal cleaning efficiency in corners with protruding disc brushes in front and on the side.
The right-hand edge guide ensures high cleaning effectiveness in the edges without damage to the walls and the machine.
Vertical storage (space requirements only 0,25m2) - Upright container opening in order to prevent the dirt from spilling.
Variable sweeping pressure adjustment.
Light weight, high manoeuvrability.
Maintenance-free motors and rechargeable batteries.
Nylon brushes with 4 year wear and tear guarantee.

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